Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.
Module title: Networks & Contacts

On completion of this module I should be able to evaluate, present analyse information relating to networks and contacts.
Question-why do artists want to collaborate? “Dadaists believed that the value of art lay not in the work produced, but in the act of making and collaborating with others to create new visions of the world.” [MoMA]

In the early stages of creation, visual or otherwise I have found that using intimates, friends or colleagues serves as the ideal sounding board – an invaluable asset to fleshing out the idea. Hmm. Maybe I’m stretching the point here. I do tend to “work” as a loner, especially in the creation of an idea. Then I “sell” it. 99.9% of the time this has worked for me. This time round I have to work in collaboration, my collaborator, younger, creative and technically, more proficient in web design – where I’m thinking my idea is moving towards – constructing a website. Details a little sketchy for now. Could be a video of the “construction.” More in this space later.

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Neighbourhood Watch

This evening, Friday, 16 May, attended the “after party”-one jigsaw piece, one drink-to view the opening of Terry Bond’s survey of work from the past 30 years the artist dubbed “the Tony Hancock of British Art”. As one exhibition of work opens, another closes. Our first interim statement – the culmination of six months of lectures and research.

Number 15

Through the video I make the link between manipulation and sequencing of numbers to demonstrate how human behaviour resorts to completing patterns when chaos reigns within but a calmness exudes on the face, this emotive outpouring is repeated through the three psychological colours: red, blue & yellow which relate respectively to the mind, the body and the emotions.

I see patterns

In this Interim Exhibition for my MA in Contemporary Art & Professional Practice, I have produced artworks exemplifying order out of disorder and chaos as part of the human condition. Linking the manipulation of numbers with three psychological primary colours of red, blue and yellow which relate respectively to the body, the mind and the emotions. These geometric abstractions give a sense of calm and harmony. The final work collating the essential balance between these three into one outpouring of emotion.