Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.
Module title: Networks & Contacts

On completion of this module I should be able to evaluate, present analyse information relating to networks and contacts.
Question-why do artists want to collaborate? “Dadaists believed that the value of art lay not in the work produced, but in the act of making and collaborating with others to create new visions of the world.” [MoMA]

In the early stages of creation, visual or otherwise I have found that using intimates, friends or colleagues serves as the ideal sounding board – an invaluable asset to fleshing out the idea. Hmm. Maybe I’m stretching the point here. I do tend to “work” as a loner, especially in the creation of an idea. Then I “sell” it. 99.9% of the time this has worked for me. This time round I have to work in collaboration, my collaborator, younger, creative and technically, more proficient in web design – where I’m thinking my idea is moving towards – constructing a website. Details a little sketchy for now. Could be a video of the “construction.” More in this space later.

Click here to view Collaboration Powerpoint


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